No‚ there is no fee for the first meeting.
I always advise those who ask me this‚ to call your lawyer and set up a meeting and to try to work out your differences‚ then if you are still not satisfied‚ I recommend you relieve your previous attorney before you begin searching for a new one.
You must tell that lawyer that you want it in in the contract that is signed. Why‚ because NO lawyer would do that‚ unfortunately many lawyers will tell you what you want to hear to get your money‚ but none of them are will put it in writing‚ because no one knows the outcome of a case after an initial conversation. No one.
Every criminal case is different‚ the facts are different‚ criminal backgrounds are different‚ district attorneys and judges are different. It is impossible to know the outcome of a case‚ or what a bond can be reduced to‚ without knowing all the facts‚ what a person’s criminal history may or may not be‚ and talking to the D.A. So‚ be careful and do not waste your money on an attorney telling you what you want to hear‚ without the lawyer thoroughly investigating the case.
Recommendations from past clients is one of the best sources‚ actual performance and results are one of the greatest indicators of future success. Second‚ always hire an attorney who tries cases to juries. If you needed an operation‚ would you hire a Dr. who does not perform surgeries? Make sure the attorney you hire tries cases‚ otherwise they may be simply trying to plea bargain your case‚ whether it’s in our best interest or not.
No. Law Enforcement‚ in this situation is not there to help you. If you are accused‚ or a target of a criminal investigation‚ the Police may‚ and are allowed to lie‚ trick and deceive you in almost every way possible to get a confession‚ or answers from you contrary to your best interest. I would advise‚ in a courteous manner‚ you inform them or your right to counsel immediately. Then your attorney can determine whether any cooperation on your part is in your best interest.
Not only might it assist you in getting out of a situation with the Police‚ but with dash cams and body mic’s‚ today a lot of interactions are recorded. Juries in a considerable number of cases return not guilty verdicts because they want to‚ there is a good chance that if they like you‚ they may be more inclined to vote not guilty.
Yes‚ there are many things an experienced criminal lawyer may do‚ that can only be done early in a case‚ such as a grand jury presentation‚ that potentially could make your case go away before it even gets to court.
No‚ I‚ along with a large group of others in the field feel that it is a potential conflict of interest if your attorney is also your bondsmen. Too often I see attorneys who do both withdraw from their clients case and then have the court‚ forefit their bond‚ putting the client back in jail with little money available to hire quality representation.